About Philadelphia Courier, Sir Lancellot, Management


Sir Lancellot office staff:
- Operations Manager (Thomas O'Neill) who oversees the daily dispatching, customer service and billing issues.
- Dispatch Supervisors that oversee the daily and night time dispatch activities.
- Route Supervisor that trains and oversees our daily route work. This individual is responsible for the training of new drivers on many of our routes.
- Office operations such as billing, customer service and other general office issues.

part of Sir Lancellot Delivery's full fleet of vans and box trucks

I want to acknowledge the level of service that Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot has provided since I took responsibility for the branch and interoffice courier services at FirstTrust in 2004.

Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot consistently adheres to our schedules and can be relied upon to provide dependable, courteous service. From time to time, we have a need for unscheduled courier services. These usually require same day delivery without a lot of advance notice. Sir Lancellot has always been responsive to those needs.

Kathy A. Seidel,
Vice President General Services
First Trust Philadelphia