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Hospital Medical and Lab Courier Service

Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot provides transportation of all hospital documents, lab specimens, Xrays, MRIs' and sensitive material within a hospital network or system.

Our drivers and staff are fully trained in HIPAA and OSHA regulations including but not limited to bloodbourne pathogen and formaldalin spills.

In order to properly serve the medical community, we have highly trained couriers who understand the seriousness of hospital and lab deliveries and how their performance affects the delivery of patient care.

Critical Same Day Delivery Service:
We deliver time critical specimens to testing centers. All lab specimens are placed in a climate controlled container to maintain proper temperature and secure the specimen...

Routed Deliveries:
We provide daily or weekly pickup and/or delivery service to keep documents, supplies and equipment moving smoothly through out your facility and network.

Utilizing our hand-held scanners and our advanced server technology, synching with our on-line ordering system, we are able to track and monitor all deliveries between labs, hospital and medical offices, and in "real time".

A hospital building served by Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot - part of one of the many industries served by Sir Lancellot Courier and Delivery.

I have dealt with Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot since 2006, during which time they have provided Abington Memorial Hospital with excellent service in the areas of same day rush delivery, scheduled route services, and their driver for hire program. Their work has been a major factor in our Hospital’s success.

Their staff and management have displayed a commitment to providing outstanding customer service.

I confidently recommend Sir Lancellot Courier and Delivery Service as a solid and reliable company, and experts in their field.

John T. Curran,
Operation Manager, Materials Management
Abington Memorial Hospital